Interim consumption information (German: Unterjährige Verbrauchsinformation - UVI)
How to reduce your energy consumption costs and contribute to a better climate

Currently, one of the most important social concerns is climate protection. For years, the EU has been pursuing the goal of reducing Europe-wide energy consumption by 32.5% by 2030. One focus area is the energy consumption of buildings - and thus also the monitoring of consumption of heat and water.

Without the participation of users, the energy consumption in buildings and apartments cannot be influenced to a sufficient extent. The interim consumption information (German: Unterjährige Verbrauchsinformation - UVI), which you will now receive monthly, provides you with a better insight into your heating and hot water consumption. With the help of the UVI you can control your energy consumption more efficiently and thus contribute to improving the climate.

What is the legal basis?

According to the amendment to the Heating Costs Regulation (German: HeizKostenV), which came into force on December 1st, 2021, users of apartments and buildings with remotely readable heat cost allocators, heat and water meters must be informed monthly about their current consumption data starting from January 1st, 2022.

How do I get the UVI?

The measurement service provider (KALO) commissioned by us determines the consumption and transmits the data to us electronically. We, as your landlords, will then automatically provide you with the UVI. Delivery is initially by post. As soon as the “Thor Tenant Portal” that we are currently developing is operational, you will be able to conveniently receive consumption information in digital form.

What information does the UVI contain?

You will receive current monthly consumption values for heating and hot water, a comparison of your own consumption with the average values of comparable apartments, the consumption values of the previous months as well as everyday tips for saving energy and water. Consumption information is always provided retrospectively for the previous month. That means for example that you will get your consumption data for February in the following month of March.

Can I waive the UVI?

The monthly transmission of consumption information during the year is mandatory by law and cannot be restricted. Users of apartments and buildings with remotely readable heat cost allocators, heat and water meters can therefore not waive the regular data transmission.

Do I also get the UVI if I don't have any remotely readable consumption measuring devices?

No, but: Metering devices that cannot be read remotely and that were installed before the updated Heating Costs Regulation (HeizKostenV) became effective will be replaced by us due to legal obligations by exchange or retrofitting until December 31, 2026.

New metering devices, for example when replacing them after their calibration periods have expired, will installed as a remotely readable consumption meters.