Interim consumption information (German: Unterjährige Verbrauchsinformation - UVI)
How to reduce your energy consumption costs and contribute to a better climate

Currently, one of the most important social concerns is climate protection. For years, the EU has been pursuing the goal of reducing Europe-wide energy consumption by 32.5% by 2030. One focus area is the energy consumption of buildings - and thus also the monitoring of consumption of heat and water.

Why do I receive the interim consumption information (UVI)?

Without the participation of users, energy consumption in buildings and apartments can only be influenced inadequately. With the interim consumption information (UVI) you get a better overview of your heating and hot water consumption. With the help of UVI, you can control your energy consumption more efficiently and thus make a contribution to climate protection.

Will I also receive the UVI if I do not have any remotely readable consumer recording devices?

No, but: Due to a legal obligation, we will replace or retrofit consumer equipment that cannot be read remotely by December 31, 2026.

New installations, for example in the course of a replacement after the calibration periods have expired, are now only carried out with remotely readable consumption measuring devices.

Can I waive the UVI notifications?

The monthly transmission of consumption information during the year is required by law and cannot be restricted. Users of apartments and buildings with remotely readable heat cost allocators, heat and water meters therefore cannot waive the regular data transmission.

Our measurement service provider charges 5.89 euros per year for providing the consumption data. We automatically bill this amount as part of the annual heating and operating cost bill.

What information do the UVI notifications contain?

You receive monthly current consumption values for heating and hot water, a comparison of your own consumption with average values for comparable apartments, as well as the consumption values of the previous month.

Legal requirements require that we display measured consumption in kilowatt hours (kWh). However, the installed measurement and recording technology does not record the consumption values in kWh.

Therefore, a conversion is carried out based on a special calculation method from the Association of German Engineers e.V. (VDI).

This serves to ensure transparency, as modern measurement and recording technologies can output different consumption units. UVI allows consumers to easily compare their consumption values, even when technology changes in new apartments.

Is the information binding?

Please note that the annual consumption information (UVI) is only for your general information and does not represent an accounting of energy costs (operating costs) in accordance with Section 556 Paragraph 3 of the German Civil Code (BGB). No claims can therefore be derived from this information.

However, the monthly information provides you with valuable information about your energy consumption in comparison to a standardized average consumption.

However, a direct comparison with the measured values of your annual energy bill is not possible because the measured values of the main reading are not converted into kWh.

What can I do if no or inconsistent values are displayed?

There are various reasons for inconsistent or missing values. For example, the measuring devices did not transmit any data for the current month for technical reasons. Or non-binding estimates were entered due to missing measurements.

But don't worry: the non-binding estimates have no impact on the annual billing. Our measurement service provider ensures that the main reading, which serves as the basis for your heating bill, is processed separately.

In the event of repeated reception problems, the technical customer service of our measurement service provider will take action on site to resolve any problems.

In such cases, please contact us by email at uvi@thor.de.

What does the horizontal bar “–” mean instead of consumption?

No consumption data is available for the particular period.

What does the bracketed ONE “(1)” mean in my UVI notification?

The (1) indicates that this consumption was estimated for the particular period.

Why are my estimates comparatively high?

The calculation methods of our measurement service provider reflect the current state of the art and are considered trend-setting throughout the industry.

These are based on average values and take into account similar consumption habits and conditions. Normally the size of the useful unit or living space is used as the basis for the estimated values. Alternatively, average consumption of the building's measuring devices can also be used for the calculation.

When do I receive the UVI notifications?

At the end of each month with the measured values from the previous month. The new values are usually available to you digitally on meinTHOR from the 19th of each month or by post by the 25th of the month at the latest. On meinTHOR you will be automatically informed about the current values.

How do I receive the UVI notifications?

You will initially receive the UVI notifications monthly by post. However, there are currently postage costs of around 15.00 euros per year. We automatically offset these postage costs as part of the annual heating and operating cost billing.

I no longer want to receive UVI notifications by post. Is this possible?

You can easily view and access your monthly consumption data via our free meinTHOR tenant portal and the meinTHOR app. You can also contact us around the clock and deal with your rental matters quickly and easily.

And you also save money: the postage costs of currently around 15 euros per year for sending the UVI notifications are permanently eliminated if you use meinTHOR.

You have already received your personal invitation letter for meinTHOR with your registration code. If you no longer have this available, please let us know. We will then be happy to send you a new invitation letter with your registration details by post free of charge.

I have further questions, who can I contact?

If you have any further questions, please send us an email to uvi@thor.de. We will check your request and answer it as quickly as possible.

In particular, if you have questions about measured values and data transfer, it may be necessary for us to forward your request to our measurement service provider for an answer. In such cases we ask for your patience. As soon as we receive an answer, we will forward it to you immediately.